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ahhh, no sleep. :O

prom was AWESOME. i didn't think i could have that much fun at a dance! i was freaking everyone! AHHHH. especially tyler. the more i get to know him, the more i like him. ahhhh he's so perfect for me. i wanna talk to him/fuck him. ;.;

anyway, back to prom. it was bootylicious. i got complements for my scandalous dancing, and had massive lesbian orgies on the dance floor. good times! and then after prom was okay. played ddr a few times, but mostly mingled/flirted with tyler. everyone thinks we look really cute together. and sigh. he was complementing me all night and stuff. i think he likes me?? i dunno. i like him, though. awww. i just really got to know him tonight. and i mean *really* got to know him. hahhhh. okay kiddies, it's time to sleep. :D hope everyone else who went to prom had an awesome time. :D <3
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