late nights in the common room (prancingmonkey) wrote,
late nights in the common room

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ughh my head is pounding.

haha. so last night.. oh man. funny shit. really awkward moments. lmao. oh well.

party tonight!! :O AHHHH. i invited frank and tyler. oh geez. tyler is funny looking. lmao.

SIIIIIIIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. i don't feel like doing anything ever again. :O

but i have to bake cakes, and do other shit. :{ fuuuuck. fuckfuckfuckers.

i wanna see finch in concert again. :O
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I wanna see finch in concert for the FIRST TIME. :O growf. :O
awww :O warped tour!! :D <3
what's up with your new icon man? :O
i dunno. :-= it's crazy :O