late nights in the common room (prancingmonkey) wrote,
late nights in the common room


dangit! :O i'm sick! i have a bad cold. :O FUCKERS! god hates me, i SWEAR.

anyway, prom is tonight. woohoo? :O i dunno, i gotta get ready soon, and get all my shizznit together. i don't we're getting a hotel anymore, but andy tongern or something, has a huge fucking house with a pool and trampoline and shit, and jessye said i should crash there! woohoo! :D i hope he doesn't mind.. ¬¬ i AM friends with his girlfriend, and most of his friends.. but oh well. i'll invite myself over.

oh, and now both of my parents are out of a job. :)))))00 SWELL AIN'T IT. sorry, just bitter. sigh. hopefully they'll both find jobs again soon. but, they said we may have to move. :\ despite all the whores and snobs, i LOVE bexley, and i love living here. and i'd miss my friends tons. i dunno. it's annoying, but that's life i suppose.

my aunt is coming down in a few hours.. maybe i should shower and shave and all that fun stuff. :O alrightttttttttt bitches n hos. :O have fun tonight. :D and don't do anything i wouldn't do. :D yayyy prom. later kids.
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