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only.. 3 days until prom! :O AH!

so i'm all ready. exciting as that is. although i have to make a few adjustments to my bracelets. they're itchy. :{

tomorrow after school i'm getting a man flower for tyler. i hope he gets/got me a corsage.. ¬¬ wap! this whole prom date out of town thing is NOT good. i wonder if i'm going to HIS prom.. hmm. i hope so. that'd be fun. :D but, who knows.

i'm not pissed about misty having my dress anymore. :O which is probably a good thing. ayyyeee. i'm just glad i don't have anything else to worry about.

i finally found those two crazy asian boys dancing like fools. :O AHHHH. it's so funny.

woo. i have emo glasses now. *nerds* and... with that, i'm out like a scout. <3 (oh, and i AM wearing my boyscout shirt today. :D)
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